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4 Fool Proof Ways to Lose Weight

You’re living life with too much stress and zero time.

Trying to deal with kids, a spouse, significant other or school work. Either way, it leaves no time for yourself.

You used to be in great shape when you were young, could eat whatever you wanted and could still rock a bikini. But then life happened. You gained weight.

You work so much yet it seems like the bills always drain your bank account, so no money for a trainer.

You’ve heard a little about how to lose weight but where do you even start? Watch Dr. Oz or Women’s Health magazine for tips? Even with those resources it seems so difficult to know if that will work for you.

You’re a beginner.

You don’t even know what you don’t know!

This is something that everyone experiences at some point in their life. The most important thing to know is that you are in no way, alone.

It might feel impossible to figure out how to get started, but with these 4 guidelines you’ll lose weight like you never thought you could.

4 Proven Ways to Lose Weight

Tip #1 Lean on others for support



When you are used to a particular lifestyle, switching it up can not only throw off your normal routine, but the people who are closest to you in your life might not be as willing to comply. If fast food dinners and late night junk food binging are your norm, then it could change the dynamic of some friendships.

Community is such a huge part of losing weight. At the beginning of making this huge change it can be quite discouraging because your body is craving foods you shouldn’t be eating, you’re tired and fatigued from the newly incorporated workouts, and it seems like sleeping all day wouldn’t help you recover from this exhaustion.

According to MayoClinic, support is:

  • Emotional: A shoulder to lean on when you’re feeling discouraged.
  • Practical: Someone to watch the kids while you exercise.
  • Inspiring: An exercise partner who encourages you to get out and move on those days when your favorite TV show seems like a better option.

In order to have complete success, you need to feel accepted in your goals with support and community. It’s important to have someone to help with encouragement, strictness, and all around support.

Tip #2 Learn What to Eat 


When you begin a new fitness lifestyle, trying to figure out how nutrition works can be confusing and overwhelming. It may even seem impossible because you’re human and have cravings, don’t have enough time, or simply lack the discipline to follow through with your plans.

Having things laid out for you makes things so much easier. With a plan in place, cheating is less tempting, clean eating feels more manageable, and busyness won’t get in the way.

Without a plan, trying to stay on track isn’t the most realistic, especially when you have just about one million checks to mark off your to do list for the day. Grabbing a $1 burger or a box of cookies from the pantry seems much more doable than cooking anything.

And let’s be honest, no one has time to cook every single meal at the same time that you want to eat it. This is why meal prepping is so important. It leaves little room for error when things are already pre-cooked, pre-measured, and you’ll be pre-pared 😉 for success!

Be sure to focus your mindset on what you can eat and not what you can’t eat.

Tip #3 Learn How to Move


You walk into the gym. All you see are weird looking machines that could either be for exercising or to kill someone. For me it might be the latter. Then a super in shape woman walks by you. She probably has a six pack. She’s also drenched in sweat and you wonder how on earth you’re going to fit in in a place like this. You don’t want to look like an amateur trying to figure out machines and how they work.

That could be disastrous.

You figure you’ll get on the treadmill because who doesn’t know how to walk/jog on the treadmill? 2 minutes in and the burn is too much to handle. You figure this is more exercise than you’ve gotten in years so it’s not a bad idea to call it a night and try again tomorrow.

Going to the gym can sound really intimidating, especially when you haven’t done it in years or this is simply the first time you’ve ever really decided to start exercising.

If you plan to wing it when you get to the gym, you really might only be there for about 20 minutes, and then run out of exercise ideas.

This is why having a set workout plan before you get to the gym is so important. No need to think up a plan on the spot, no need to youtube how to do an exercise. It’s all there for you, ahead of time and no need to stress.

Half of the battle is planning, and if you’re doing that then you’re 50% closer to reaching your goal.

Tip #4 Don’t out-do yourself 


I know how it goes, you’re an hour into your diet and you’re on the scale crossing your fingers that 20 lbs are gone already. Unfortunately, we’re not all super humans.

It’s difficult to be patient when you’re trying to make a lifestyle change that has been years in the making. This will boost your confidence, health and overall wellbeing.

In order for you to follow through with this goal, it is absolutely crucial to have a realistic perspective of the timeline that comes into play when dealing with weight loss.

Don’t try to run faster than you have strength.

If you get ahead of yourself then you won’t be able to appreciate the little, steady steps that you have accomplished. This is how major weight loss occurs, through slow and steady progress!

Create short term and long term goals, so that you are consistently accomplishing small things that are contributing to a bigger picture.

12 week Shape Up Challenge

I’ve shared with you 4 critical components that contribute to weight loss. I, along with two other expert trainers, have designed a 12-week program that will help you reach your goals with all four of these tips.

With my comprehensive 12 week program, you will get all of these things to help you absolutely CRUSH your goals.


  • Community

You will have access to our exclusive community page on Facebook. Here you can post about when you’re needing some motivation, have questions about anything that’s not working for you, and a group to help keep you accountable if you slip up.

  • Nutrition

With my meal plan, you’ll be sure to earn the figure that you want and enjoy it along the way. The recipes are delicious and you also have the freedom to make your own healthy recipes within the guidelines that I have given you.

You’ll be eating so delicious that you will forget that you’re even on a diet! I really can’t think of anything better than that.

  • Exercise

Exercise is sometimes the most difficult part of losing weight. That’s why we provide you with exercise plans, as well as videos that show you exactly how to do it. Cut the confusion. Forget embarrassment. Own your workouts and conquer the gym or your living room or wherever you’re getting your sweat on.

  • Realistic Expectations

Part of my program is taking measurements and progress for 12 weeks. This will help you set both short and long term goals. It will help you keep perspective, and stay on track for your goals!

Are you ready for the BEST part of this challenge?!

It is absolutely FREE!!

That’s right, you heard me.

Completely free!

I am here to help you accomplish your goals. Personal trainers sometimes charge so much and I understand how discouraging that feels.

With my free program, you’ll get everything that you’ve been looking for: Exercises, nutrition, community support and goal setting help! 🙂

Join my 12-week Shape Up challenge and watch your dream bod appear before your eyes!




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