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As Seen In

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Our certified coaches have backgrounds and years of experience in exercise, nutrition, and wellness. Their priority is to answer your questions and help you reach your health, fitness, and wellness goals.

  • Alex Mullan

    Alex Mullan

    Alex is a self-proclaimed anti-meathead and casual nerd. When he's not working towards Herculean status or learning how to better serve his clients, he can be found exploring how to... More
  • Ben Johnson

    Ben Johnson

    Ben is a writer, fitness coach, entrepreneur, and founder of BENTRAINED. As a former chubster, Ben's been fighting the chub for years. He transformed himself from a food loving fat... More
  • Eric Allen

    Eric Allen

    A lifelong involvement in competitive sports and over a decade of traveling internationally as a model has required Eric Allen to continuously be in the best shape of his life... More
  • Jake Forsling

    Jake Forsling

    Jacob is an undergraduate student in his last year at the University of Utah studying Exercise and Sports Science with an emphasis in Fitness and Wellness. He is also a... More
  • Brandon Groesbeck

    Brandon Groesbeck

    Brandon Groesbeck is the owner of KillerBodyTraining. His online and one-on-one personal training programs have been proven effective. Helping hundreds of clients transform their lives in both weight-loss and physical... More
  • Sam Gutierrez

    Sam Gutierrez

    Originally from Mexico City, Mexico. I speak English and Spanish fluently Working on getting a bachelors degree in Exercise Science If I'm not working out I am: Playing with my... More
  • Ammon Hanks

    Ammon Hanks

    Being born and raised in Salt Lake City, I have competed in all kinds of sports including swimming, wrestling, track & field, soccer, racquetball, and triathlons. Between competing in these... More
  • Jorden Pagel

    Jorden Pagel

    Jorden is a Wisconsin-based trainer certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He got into coaching after he lost 80 pounds and wanted to help other people transform their... More
  • Calvin Kamalu

    Calvin Kamalu

    I have a PT certification through NASM and I am a certified Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through NSCA. I have a Bachelor's in Exercise Science and have worked with... More
  • Kami Price

    Kami Price

    Hey guys! I’m Kami Price & my passion is to inspire, empower & transform lives. I’ve spent the last 12 years working in the health & fitness industry and I... More
  • Karina Elle

    Karina Elle

    Karina is a fitness model and World Fitness Federation Pro Bikini World Champion who was named one of the most In-Demand Fitness Model of 2014 by Racked Magazine. She's also... More
  • Lindsey Mathews

    Lindsey Mathews

    Lindsey competed in the NPC nationally in the bikini division until 2012 when she decided to switch to figure. She placed in the top five in her first NPC figure... More
  • Peter Baker

    Peter Baker

    In addition to being a fan of music and heavy metal, I am an avid player of table top RPGs, and I am a personal trainer in Tampa, FL as... More
  • Ryan Meyers

    Ryan Meyers

    Ryan grew up in a family of runners and followed suite by competing in cross country for the first time at age 8. Later, his athletic career took a turn... More
  • Sean Kemp

    Sean Kemp

    Sean a CSCS has created a private online fitness community for college students called CampUs. CampUs is the antidote to information overload with quick actionable formulas to get more done... More