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  1. The Noblerex K1

    The hidden time bomb in all of this is that as peoplefight to reduce obesity the resultant effect of all of this then emerges as fitness levels tightens up with less available exercise being taken and more disease becoming prevalent…If Central Governments don’t take a grip soon then we could be facing an over weight problem.

  2. Candie

    I'd love to have a job that was related to my degree in any way, shape, or form. The end of this year will mark year 3 of being unable to get a job after grtandaiou.


    This is an really good argument against creative commons but it is also important to consider the other side of the argument. There is more than an idealistic image to creative commons. Making information and research available over the internet is essential to educating our society. Another valid point is that citations are assumed, so creative commons doesn’t imply that someone is stealing your work, merely citing that to prove their own. For generations before the internet people have been able to share and offer information to their community, the internet should not change this.

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