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Sponsored Advertising Content from IdealShape, IdealFit and IdealRaw

Her Universe Activewear: Gear for the Fit Fangirl

With Captain America Civil War releasing in the U.S. tonight, the time has finally come to choose your side.


Whether you side with the ever righteous Captain America or the Invincible Iron Man, now you can show your colors and represent in style at the gym.

Her Universe Activewear

Her Universe is a company devoted to creating comic inspired fashionable clothing for devoted fangirls. They produce flattering graphic Ts, leggings, and even dresses for every size.

Their newest line?

Marvel activewear for the fit fangirl.

Kick, punch, lift, run, vinyasa, and spin your way to a fit body all the while sporting your favorite marvel hero.

They take designs inspired from three of Marvel’s most popular heroes, Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow.

As a fangirl myself, I’m planning on hitting up Kohls today to get my hands on ALL the workout gear.

Her Universe Activewear still keeps fitness as a top priority in each design. The tops are flowy and breathable allowing for optimal movement. The bottoms are stretchy and thick enough so you can squat as low as you need to without having to worry.

Check out this video to see Her Universe Activewear in action, plus a hero worthy workout.

You can find Her Universe activewear at Kohls, and the best part is it’s a fraction of the price as other popular workout gear.

Get fit, do it in style, and save money. That’s winning no matter who’s side you’re on.


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