5 Mind-Blowing Watermelon Recipes

healthy watermelon recipes

You know watermelon is delicious. And you know, by some stroke of luck, that it’s healthy. But you don’t know what to do with your end-of-summer stash.

Forget triangling it into a predictable side dish. Be bold, and work your way through these deviously delicious — and decidedly more autumn — recipes.

With feta cheese?

With Boursin?

Inside a sloppy joe?!

Yes, my friends. Let fall’s watermelon pandemonium begin…

Watermelon & Feta Salad (B*****s on a Budget)

Their “scary simple and really good” salad (that I can’t believe I never thought of) is nothing but melon, feta, olive oil and fresh spearmint — oh my. Would be good with a splash of balsamic, too?

Skewered Shrimp with Grilled Watermelon (Oprah)
Shrimp tossed in paprika, cayenne and salt, grilled, and crowned with caramelized watermelon wedges? Leave it to Oprah to blow it up. I’m tragically allergic to this recipe (shrimp), but the prospect of grilled melon got me. Let me know how it turns out!

Fresh Watermelon Salsa (How Sweet It Is)

Our ruby melon teams up with tomato, red onion, jalapeño and cilantro for a hearty and sparkly salsa. I’m dying to try it with the cinnamon-sugar pita chips. Anyone know where to get them?

Grilled Chicken, Boursin & Watermelon Sandwich (Bakespace)

This one’s for my cousin, a Boursin diva, though I bet she’s already tried it! It’s warmed watermelon between grilled chicken breast and Boursin cheese on focaccia bread.

Watermelon & Ginger Spritzer (New York Times)

A fizzy blend of muddled melon, lime, honey, mint and fresh ginger over ice. Aahhh….

Picking Tip: Go for the Gold

Think your melon should be a flawless emerald all the way around? NYTimes says no. For ultimate ripeness, get one with a yellow “creamy patch,” evidence of its juicy tenure on the vine.

Share your favorite watermelon recipes below! Please?
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  • Harrison

    That watermelon and ginger spritzer looks GOOOOOOOOOOD. I usually don’t look further than a fruit salad. I’ve never thought of putting it in a drink. I want to try that. Sorry. I don’t have any idea what else you could put watermelon in.

  • Harrison

    I did see Giada on Food Network make a spiked watermelon pop. She used watermelon, sugar, vodka, and fresh mint. Maybe a round of virgin watermelon pops…

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