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Back To The Basics – Overcoming Training Slumps

back to the basicsMany athletes measure their training success by the numbers they are putting out. Sprinters aim to get a faster time on the track, weightlifters look toward putting up bigger numbers on the bar, and professional baseball players are measured on batting averages. One of the most frustrating things we are faced with as athletes is watching our numbers worsen, despite putting in hours of hard work.

If this has ever happened to you, you know how crappy it feels.  But what should you do about it? Should you just give up and admit that you are not good enough to make it? Of course not! So, what can be done?

By stepping back and re-evaluating your training you may find that in the midst of all this training chaos you may have begun to neglect the basic foundation of your training. Ask yourself what got you to where you are today. As cliché as it may sound, the basic things in your training are what build a solid foundation. So today I am going to go through some steps that will hopefully help you get back to your roots, allowing you to reverse your training slump by getting back to the basics and back on top of your game.

What Got You Started?

The first step to refocusing your training is to look back at why you started in the first place. What was your goal when you started training? Usually when you start working toward a goal, it is because you are willing to push yourself and change in ways that will help you reach that goal. When you started out, you probably told yourself that you would do everything in your power to reach that goal.

So, where did you go wrong? Identifying what got you off track will allow you to refocus yourself and get you back in line with your goals.  Remembering why you started in the first place can build that fire you once had back up and give you the drive you need.

What Has Worked In The Past?

Somewhere in your training career, you probably had a time where you were seeing results come faster than usual. These boosts in your training probably brought you quite a bit of satisfaction and feelings of self-accomplishment. But the question is, why were you seeing such great results? Chances are that it was something that you were doing in your training or diet that was helping you achieve those results.

Identifying what has worked for you in the past may be your key to success. If it was producing gains in your training, then why not try it again? Maybe it was a specific movement that you were doing or a nutritional habit that you had. Identify what has worked in the past and give it another try!

Training Incorporation

Once you find what has worked for you in the past, you will need to develop a plan of attack. Figure out how to implement that old technique into your training now. If it was a certain movement that was bringing you results, try incorporating it more often in your workouts.

You may have to reconstruct your entire program or it may be a simple fix. Either way, developing a new plan of attack can be crucial to your success of getting back on track.

Record And Reevaluate

Once you get your training back on track and you begin seeing progress, do not forget to record your results. Failing to record your results and not reviewing your progress regularly will put you right back on track toward disappointment. Reviewing your progress allows you to make small adjustments along the way and prevents you from needing to make huge changes down the road. Keep track of your training and nutrition and stay on top of the battle by getting back to the basics.

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