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5 Reasons Why Brown Rice Helps You Lose Weight

Diet experts have many recommendations on the best foods that can help you lose weight. One of them is brown rice. Brown rice has many nutritional benefits that go beyond facilitating weight loss. While most people avoid rice in their diet because of the large amount of calories it contains, many people are also discovering that they can still eat this carbo food in the form of brown rice. Here are five facts you need to know about brown rice and how it can help you lose weight.

5 Reasons Why Brown Rice Helps You Lose Weight

1. Brown rice is low in density.

This means that brown rice can make you full while consuming fewer calories. Its water and fiber components make it low in energy density. It will help you lose weight as it makes you eat less since it fills you up fast. ACPE Academy recommends that you eat brown rice at the start of your meals. It will make you feel less hungry, thus making you eat less of the other foods on the table. There was a study done among women who are on high-density and low-density diets. Those who consumed higher density food gained weight three times more weight compared to those who ate lower density food over a six-year period.

2. Brown rice is rich in fiber.

healthy brown rice

Fiber aids in good digestion. This translates to regular bowel movement which helps you consistently dispose of what you’ve eaten. It also optimizes your metabolic function which is beneficial if you’re losing weight. Brown rice stabilizes your digestion and prevents constipation, too. One cup of brown rice contains 3.5 grams of fiber, or 14% of the daily value recommended by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), which is 25 grams.

3. Brown rice facilitates slow sugar release.

One of the health benefits of brown rice is that it aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels through its slow sugar release. Brown rice would definitely be beneficial for diabetics on a diet. Research has shown that eating half a cup of brown rice daily reduces your risk of developing diabetes by 60%. Brown rice releases sugar slowly, thus allowing your body to process it steadily as well.

4. Brown rice is high in selenium.

Selenium is a mineral that strengthens your immune system by lowering the risks of acquiring diseases. Brown rice is rich in selenium which will give you a good amount of protection from common sicknesses. This is crucial, especially if you’re trying to lose weight, as your body is adjusting to new diet regimens and can make you weak during the beginning stages of your diet.

5. Brown rice helps lose fat.

brown rice vs white rice

Being whole grain, brown rice is not stripped off its nutritional components compared to refined grains such as white rice. In 2008, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study on people who are on a low-calorie diet that comprises of whole grains such as brown rice and another group on a low-calorie diet with refined grains. Results showed that those who ate whole grains lost more fat in their midsection compared to those who consumed refined grains. Also, one cup of rice contains only 1.8 grams of fat, which is roughly 3% of the USDA’s daily value of 65 grams.

The benefits of brown rice cover not only your diet needs but also your overall health requirements. This whole grain is full of vitamins, iron, potassium, manganese, and other nutrients. It is filling but not fattening. It can be combined with different viands or eaten as is since it has a unique flavor. Integrate brown rice into your diet and experience its weight loss benefits in no time.



    1. GME

      No. Brown Rice is not a GMO food. No rice as of this time is GMO. Rice, of all varieties, is a non-GMO food.

  1. Jan

    Hi I just want to know is eating brown rice is bad … I make I cup of raw Low Gi brown rice in a pot cover with full water until it looks like congee… I love it I can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and big pot I can have for 6 meals …. I can live eating this for weeks … but worry if too much to harm than good ? Love to know the answer . By the way also trying to lose weight too .
    Thank you

    1. Swati rai

      Well..u can eat but it’s better to avoid it eating too frequent bcz it takes tym to digest like if u want to eat then eat at least once in a day not twice or thrice….moreover if u wanna lose weight it will be better to have it alternate days and avoid potatoes as well..😄

  2. Yolanda negron

    Yo como brown rice y me ha ayudado con mi salud y mi dieta y he aprendido a comer saludable no es facil pero se puede tiene que comprometerte a ser saludable

  3. vamshi sai

    im taking brown rice since 1 month replace of white rice my weight is not reducing from 1 month im doing daily gym and diet is low calory food

    1. Swati rai

      Well…for any results we must have patience and if you are doing exactly what you mentioned than very soon you will get result bcz mostly we are unable to do things on regular basis

  4. Jeri

    I’m having a problem with my bladder sneeking out!
    The Dr. Gave me 3 options.
    I think I’ll take the 20 minute surgery. At first I had alot of problems.I started on brown rice and it has helped so much.Almost 80 pounds.TY.

  5. patralekha

    I’m having brown rice in lunch..and oats at it make my weight lose? Plz provide me your valuable guide line.

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